Unopposed? Unacceptable!

21 members of Congress were elected unopposed in 2014.
Coronations are fine for the British Royals, but since when are we a monarchy?

Let's do something about it

In January of 2015, Senator Barbara Boxer announced she would not seek re-election. By pledging to your favorite choice for Senate on Crowdpac you can help encourage good candidates to run for office and ensure that this election won’t be decided by powerful special interests. Get started.

Exclusively on Crowdpac: pledge to potential presidential candidates even before they've formally announced with the FEC. Start by choosing a candidate here.

Find out how liberal or conservative your name is based on our unique analysis of all campaign contributions reported to the FEC since 1980.

Selma 2015: Every Member of Congress on Civil Rights, ranked

For the 50th anniversary of the Selma march, we analyzed Congressional floor records, official websites and Twitter feeds to produce a Civil Rights intensity league table.

All the political donors in your city, mapped

These maps show where political donors live in major US cities and how liberal or conservative they are.

Politics of the Oscars

An analysis of Best Picture nominees based on the cast and crews' political donations

The Million Dollar Donor Counties in America

See which counties give the most to political campaigns over three decades

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