Dear America,

On June 19th, 2019, Crowdpac officially closed its doors after six years of serving our community of grassroots activists, impassioned campaign creators, and dedicated donors. While we are saddened to have come to this decision, we celebrate the successes of our amazing users who have inspired us every step of the way.

Together, we have raised over $15.7 million to fund worthy causes, from helping people obtain life-saving IDs, to registering hurricane survivors to vote, to holding our politicians accountable for their actions.

In the aftermath of the historic 2016 Presidential election, we helped to power a new and fresh wave of democratic participation bringing younger, more diverse, more representative, and new candidates to the field at all levels of government.

We made history during the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh with the campaign waged on our platform to engage with decision makers like Susan Collins, giving hundreds of thousands of Americans a new way to express their political will.

We could not be more thankful to have played a part in ushering in a new era of American politics, bringing the power of our government back into the hands of everyday people. And while this may mark the end of Crowdpac, we as individuals will continue to do our part right alongside you.

Thank you for fighting. Thank you for continuing to fight. Together, we will keep moving forward to ensure a better future for everyone.

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