Although it has yet to surface as a major issue in this year's election, the next President and Congress will be forced to write and pass a Farm Bill in 2018 that will determine funding for crop subsidies, nutrition programs and a number of important policies related to conservation and trade. And with nearly $1 trillion dollars in estimated payouts on the line, key stakeholders in the food and agriculture lobby will no-doubt play a major role in negotiations.

Industry players are seeking to avoid a repeat of 2014, where once-routine passage of the five-year Farm Bill became notoriously contentious with members of both parties seeking major changes to policies dealing with farm subsidies, food stamps and environmental regulations. And as one might expect of any heavily-regulated and subsidized industry, Big Ag maintains a sizable presence in DC, giving generously to politicians in Congress - most especially those who sit on the powerful House and Senate Committees on Agriculture.

To illustrate this, we analyzed the political contributions of PACs and employees associated with two of Big Ag's most powerful members, Monsanto and Syngenta, and found they had given to nearly everyone on both committees:

Considering the vast resources at stake for the farm lobby, there's no doubt that its political contributions are a wise investment. Now thanks to crowdfunding, you can do the same.

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