With the candidates' FEC filings submitted, analysis of the "money race" has begun. Crowdpac just released its exclusive Money Race tool to provide in-depth coverage of the July campaign finance reports. For this Daily Data post, we're taking a look at the top performers in three separate measurements of campaign fundraising: total money raised, total money spent, and average raised daily.

In terms of total funds raised, Jeb Bush is leading the pack with $114 million in contributions. He's followed by Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rick Perry.

For total money spent, Jeb drops to 5th among major candidates. Hilary, with $18 million spent, leads with Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz trailing her.

In a testament to the relative cost-effectiveness of his campaign, Jeb raised the most money per day despite spending the least among the top five candidates. The Bush campaign raised a daily average of $713 thousand during the second quarter, while Hillary's team raised $601 thousand. She's followed by populist-favorite Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson.

Who's number six on these lists? See all the data and how the full field of candidates stack up in our brand new Money Race tool.

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