Yesterday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified at the long-anticipated hearings on Benghazi. The investigation into the September 11, 2012 attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was led by twelve members of the House of Representatives- five Democrats and seven Republicans. The committee has faced criticism for being a thinly veiled attempt at gaining the political upper hand over Democratic presidential candidate Clinton. As such, we decided to break down the political ideologies of the representatives who questioned Secretary of State Clinton yesterday.

On the left, the democratic representatives on the committee fall within a close range on the ideological spectrum. Adam Smith is the most moderate Democrat with a score of 5.1L while Linda Sanchez ranks as the most liberal of the bunch with a score of 6.8L. Secretary of State Clinton falls in the middle of the pack with a 6.5L.

On the Republican end, the representatives have a bit more ideological difference between them. Martha Roby ranks the most moderate of the Republicans with a 5.2C compared to Mike Pompeo’s 8.1C.

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