After a group of activists from the Black Lives Matter movement disrupted Bernie Sander's rally in Seattle, pressure has mounted on the 2016 hopefuls to act on salient issues like criminal justice reform and race.

In response to the outcry, Sanders has asserted that the country needs a President who will fight against racism and that "there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder" than himself.

To test this claim, we analyzed voting records and campaign contributor data to score the conservative and liberal contenders on the issue of Civil Rights.

On the far left is Sanders himself, who checks out with the most liberal score of 6.9L. For now, it looks like Sanders is putting his donor money where his mouth is.

Furthest to the right is Republican Ben Carson, who has been publicly critical of the Black Lives Matter movement in the past. His issue score falls at an 8.4C, which is the same as his overall Crowdpac score. The rest of the candidates land as follows:

As the primaries approach, the issue is sure to remain at the forefront of debate. For more information about the candidates -- including polling information and data on the money race -- check out our exclusive guide to the 2016 Presidential Election.

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