We’ve already explored the extent to which former donors to George W Bush and George H.W. Bush have boosted the presidential campaign of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush -providing over half the money donated to his candidate committee and superPAC. But given that the younger Bush is floundering in the polls as of late we thought it would be interesting to look more closely at this “Bush family firewall” and the most generous of Jeb’s 2016 donors.

It turns out the top supporters of Jeb Bush, who also donated to the campaigns of other Bush family members, all come from the finance and energy industry, which combined has given over $26 million to Bush’s 2016 bid These industries of course have a vested policy interest in the outcome of the presidential contest. It’s interesting to note that Nextera Energy (formerly FPL group), which has contributed $1M to Jeb Bush, is one of 25 companies identified by BusinessWeek magazine in 2009 as paying the lowest rate in US taxes based on an analysis of the company’s financial figures from 2005-2008.

But will this firewall of support be enough to put Bush back on top of the heap in 2016? According to the numbers, the support Bush has received from legacy family donors has dropped steadily throughout the year - showing that while money talks, it can’t do all the talking. Here’s the breakdown:

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