Centrist republicans are often called “RINOS” (Republicans in Name Only) by more conservative members of their party. But according to the data, they may also be “winos”.

We took a look at the contribution history of some of the largest wineries in America and found that when it comes to politics, most are decidedly moderate ranging from 3.1 L to 3.9C on the Crowdpac spectrum.

In California, E&J Gallo (which produces labels such as Barefoot, Apothec and Turning Leaf) received the most liberal score, while The Wine Group (maker of Franzia, Concannon and Cupcake) was ranked the most conservative. The most moderate of the bunch included Diageo Chateau (which makes Sterling and Dom Perignon) and Constellation (producer of Mondavi, Cook’s and Raven’s Wood).

Who says campaigns and champagnes don’t pair well together?

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