With partisanship reaching fever pitch in our political system, it begs the question - what happened to all of the centrists? That question can be tricky to answer, since measuring what a centrist is is not a straightforward task. One way to analyze this is to look at which states elect the most bipartisan leaders, something we've delved into in the past. But for this analysis, we decided to look at a different metric: percentage of donors with moderate Crowdpac scores, which translates to donors who are willing to give to candidates sitting at both ends of the political spectrum.

The results may surprise you. It turns out that the state with the most donors who give across the spectrum is West Virginia, a fact that is best reflected by their current roster in the US Senate: one Republican, Shelley Moore Capito (3.7C), and one Democrat, Joe Manchin (1.6L), both with relatively centrist scores. This ranking shows that donors who are treading the middle of the road are often not talked about, and may be in places one would not expect.

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