Today is Malcom X Day, when many will take time to commemorate or comment on the legacy of the famous civil rights leader, who was born 90 years ago today. But while the public discourse around civil rights tends to ebb and flow around major holidays or events in the news cycle, we wanted to know which members of Congress talked about the issue most consistently over time.

We performed a text analysis of floor records, twitter accounts and websites of Members of Congress and found that Representatives Al Green (D-TX) and John Lewis (D-GA) were the ones who talked about issues surrounding "civil rights" most often. No surprise given that the former was a longtime leader within the NAACP, and the latter a noted civil rights icon famous for his role in championing nonviolent protest in the movement during the 1960s.

Also consistently vocal on the issue, and ranking third on our list, was Congressman Charles Rangel, who introduced legislation in 1992 that would have given "Malcom X Day" legal standing at the federal level (it's currently recognized only in Berkeley, California).

You can view the five most vocal on civil rights in the chart below:

As it turns out, members of Congress are vocal on some pretty interesting things. Guess who talks about Jesus the most?

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