As Illinois democrats head to the ballot box to choose their presidential nominee, the question on everyone's mind seems to be whether or not her ties to embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will sink her chances. But just how close are they?

The Sanders campaign, along with civil rights organizations and other key political figures in the state, have publicly criticized the mayor's handling of the 2014 shooting of Lacquan McDonald. Clinton, on the other hand, has not been quite so unequivocal when it comes to condemning Emanuel. Her opponents have sought to capitalize on this and portray them as political cronies.

Here's one way to look at it: Emanuel has hosted fundraisers for Clinton on several occasions. So how much money has Clinton raised this cycle from donors who have also given at some point to Rahm Emanuel?

In total, 573 Rahm Emanuel donors have given $16.97M to Clinton this cycle. This means roughly 10% of all the money Clinton has raised this cycle has come from someone who has also supported Emanuel. Sanders, by comparison, has raised $53K from the same group.

Here are the top donors Clinton and Emanuel have in common. Among the more recognizable names are the Sabans, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg, all in the entertainment industry. Emanuel's brother, Ari Emanuel, is the co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor, a major entertainment & media agency.

While Emanuel's ties to Clinton seem clear, the jury is still out on whether the relationship will cloud her quest for delegates in Illinois. That is until today.

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