With Debbie Wasserman's Schultz' resignation as DNC chair after an email leak that implicated her and the DNC in potentially undercutting the Sanders campaign in order to favor Hillary Clinton, there was much grumbling when it was announced she will be taking a role in the Clinton campaign as an honorary chair helping lead her 50-state program.

We've found that Schultz' natural affinity for Clinton extends to her donor base. As it turns out, more than half of Clinton's million-dollar club (donors who gave over $1M to her campaign this cycle), have also given to Schultz in the past. They share a significant portion of major contributors, especially when compared to Sanders. Schultz donors gave Sanders a total of $2M, less than 1% of his total fundraising. In comparison, they've given a whopping $67M to the Clinton campaign and super PACs, roughly 23% of all their fundraising this cycle.

The top spot goes to the Pritzker family, owners of the Hyatt chain, and notorious members of the Forbes 400 ranking, who gave over $9M to Clinton this cycle. Also on the list are financier Donald Sussman, investor-producer Haim Saban, and film director Steven Spielberg, among many other power-hitters.

Did the fear of a donor backlash have any influence on the way the DNC conducted its party primary? Nobody can ever say for sure. But if Sanders' record-breaking base of small-dollar donors still feels reluctant to support Clinton after the DNC convention concludes this week, it may present a grassroots fundraising challenge of another kind.

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