It's morning in America...Stephen Colbert is back on the air!

But not as the same persona we have grown to know and love. Colbert's version of the Late Show will instead feature the comedian as his true self while interviewing various celebrity guests in the American late night comic tradition.

In real life, Colbert is anything but the conservative caricature he played on the Colbert Report - in fact he's at the far left end of the Crowdpac spectrum as a 7.9 L.

Since Colbert will be revealing his true stripes on his new nightly talk show, we decided to take a look at where his first week of guests stand politically. As it turns out, they average out to be nearly as liberal as Colbert himself!

Here they are ranked from most liberal Crowdpac score to most conservative:

Curious about where other comedians stand politically? Check out the politics of White House Correspondents' Dinner hosts:

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