While 2016 has been dubbed “the year of the outsider", the presidential veepstakes has remained a closed-door affair - driven primarily by insiders. That’s why, now that the presidential field has narrowed to two presumptive nominees, we’re launching a new feature which lets users crowdfund the presidential running mate of their choice.

Our #VPDraft campaign aims to open up the process by giving YOU the ability to pledge money if the candidate they support is chosen. There is no cost to participate and users will only be charged if their choice receives the nomination at the RNC or DNC convention.

So who would Clinton or Trump need to select as a running mate to earn your support? You helped us crowdsource a list of over 20 possible contenders on social media ranging from seasoned DC insiders such as Senators Bob Corker and Elizabeth Warren, to political outsiders such as Mark Cuban and retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

So what are you waiting for? Crowdpac’s #VPDraft is the only place where you can take action to support your top picks for Vice President. Explore the list of candidates, or nominate your own, and begin raising pledges now!

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