The firestorm surrounding Facebook's supposed omission of conservative topics from its trending section is still far from over. In an attempt to do damage control, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg invited conservative media titans such as Glenn Beck and Dana Perino down to headquarters for a chat. Justin Osofsky, Facebook's Vice President of Global Operations, similarly sought to tamp down the conservative outcry with a lengthy post in Facebook's Newsroom, claiming that no evidence had been found to substantiate the allegations.

But public outrage, especially among conservatives, has endured. Some feel it is not a surprising revelation, given what they already knew: tech companies - and the media - skew liberal.

So how liberal are Facebook employees, really? We analyzed political donations from workers at Facebook since 2008, which averages far to the left on the ideological spectrum:

What about Facebook's content team? It turns out they are even further to the left than the overall average of Facebook employees.

And here is an ideological breakdown of Facebook employees who have made political contributions since 2008.

Of all Facebook employees who have made political contributions, 89.6% are liberal, and 50.1% are more liberal than Bernie Sanders. Those very liberal donors have given to several left-leaning candidates and initiatives like California's marriage equality advocacy group 'No on Prop. 8 - Equality for All', campaign finance reform initiatives like Mayday PAC and End Citizens United, and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Even Justin Osofsky clocks out to the left of Sanders at 8.3 L, having given to only card-carrying liberal candidates such as Kamala Harris, Deval Patrick in addition to campaigns such as No on 8.

There is also a conservative cohort of Facebook employees, albeit much smaller: 10.4% of employees are conservative, with 1.2% being more conservative than Ted Cruz. The top recipients of very conservative Facebook employees are Ron and Rand Paul.

As consumers increasingly gravitate toward digital media when consuming news and information, the debate over automated vs human curation will continue to rear its head. After all, even algorithms have human programmers with implicit biases that could affect which topics are considered "newsworthy".

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