We recently looked into female donors and found that while women make up a larger proportion of the voting bloc, less than 33% of political donors are women.

Today, we wanted to see which politicians are getting the most support from women. Not surprisingly, the top 5 politicians who received the highest proportion of donations from female donors are all female Democrats.

Geographically, most living is solidly liberal states - three from California and one from New Hampshire. Illinois 9th district representative Jan Schakowsky is the only person in Congress to have more female donors than men.

Schawkosky is one of the most liberal members of Congress, having an 8.4L Crowdpac score.We then looked at the male politicians who had the highest proportion of female donors. Only 19 male congressmen can claim that more than 1/3 of their donors are women.

But what are the top 5 male Congressmen?


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