Ronald Reagan is viewed by many as the GOP’s standard-bearer. In fact, since the end of his presidency in ‘89, nearly every Republican presidential contender has tried to emulate the Gipper.

But which candidate for President really comes closest to scoring an A+ on the Reagan scale? We used Crowdpac’s algorithm, which analyzes campaign finance data going back to 1980, to find out.

Before he dropped out of the race for President last week, former Texas Governor Rick Perry was the only candidate with the same 6.9C Crowdpac score as Reagan. Now, Huckabee and Fiorina, with respective scores of 6.4C and 6 C, appear closest to the Gipper.

Surprisingly, Trump and Christie are the candidates who, according to Crowdpac score are furthest from Reagan ideologically. They also rank first and last respectively in the most recent national polls of likely Republican primary voters.

However that hasn’t stopped either of them from invoking Reagan’s name while campaigning for votes. In a recent Meet the Press interview, Trump referred to his working relationship with Reagan. Christie more subtly drew on his connection with Reagan by reframing the upcoming election: “2015 reminds me of 1979.”

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