Earlier in December, following the tragic events in San Bernardino, we posted an analysis of gun deaths per capita according to each state's political ideology, as measured by the political donations of its residents. The data suggested a strong correlation between gun deaths and more conservative states.

As you might expect, the post generated a strong response on social media, with some dismissing the correlation entirely and others agreeing fervently. Needless to say, your feelings on guns and gun control measures likely predicted how you interpreted the data.

Given President Obama's executive actions this week aimed at curtailing gun violence in America, we thought it would be worth a deeper dive into what is unquestionably a complex issue. And while the results might not do anything to alter your view on the epidemic of gun violence in America or what to do (or not do) about it, they certainly add nuance on this topic. Not to mention shedding light on another epidemic in our culture - suicide.

Click below to see the original chart and our subsequent deep dive into the data:


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