Morgan Freeman has been a part of our lives for his numerous classic roles, relatable characters, and iconic narrative voice. But where is this influencer politically?

In addition to his acting career, Morgan has also been actively engaged in politics. The well-liked actor has not shied away from controversy, by saying that the way to end racism is to "stop talking about it". He has also said that Obama is not America's first black president, referring to the fact that his mother was white, and is vocally opposed to black history month. As he put it, in an interview to CBS: "You're going to confine my history to a month? Black history is American history".

Still, in spite of his unorthodox views on race, it turns out the biggest recipient of his money is - you guessed it: Barack Obama. He has made substantial donations in support of Obama's reelection, through the Priorities USA Action PAC.

Freeman has also engaged in activism, primarily by lending his iconic voice to informational videos for environmental and humanitarian organizations such as Oceana and Plan!t Now.

His ties to Mississippi also shine through in his donation records, where he supported multiple state candidates, including his friend and Madidi restaurant co-founder Bill Luckett. Yes, that's right, Morgan's in the restaurant business, or...used to be.

Not to worry though, his day job is still going strong with roles in no less than 8 movies in 2014, with 5 more films on the way for 2015. Cheers, Morgan and keep those flicks coming!

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