Politicians typically rely on previous donors to fund future campaigns. Knowing how much candidates raise from their home state speaks to the goodwill they generated while in office as well as the breadth and depth of their support locally and nationally.

So just just how reliant are the GOP presidential candidates on donors from their home states? We analyzed the data to find out what percentage of the money going to support each candidate came from their home state.

Topping the list is former Texas Governor Rick Perry, with 96% of his campaign donations coming from donors in the Lone Star State. Perry has seen a number of donors to his 2012 presidential campaign flee to fellow Texan Ted Cruz, who has eclipsed Perry in fundraising by over $30 Million dollars - 57% of which came from Texas.

Also topping the list were former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, each receiving 68% of their campaign donations from their home states. And while Carly Fiorina may have lost her 2010 California Senate race against Barbara Boxer and has since moved to Virginia, she receives 64% of her support from the Golden State.

And who received the least amount? Among them is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has received just 23% of his campaign money from Garden State donors.

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