Many analysts are calling New York the Sanders campaign's last chance to stop Clinton's momentum toward the Democratic nomination. Could this be the final showdown? While no one expects Sanders to drop out following a predicted New York defeat, a double-digit Clinton victory in her adopted home state will lay to rest any fears of a delegate slide and render future votes for Sanders' campaign as mere signs of protest intended to send a message to the DNC establishment.

Bernie fans are hoping he can pull of a miracle win in New York and take the heat to Clinton in Maryland and Pennsylvania next week, but what would that look like? We've analyzed political contributions in each congressional district in New York, to map out those who are ideologically closer to Sanders. These are the districts where we think Sanders is likely to perform the best:

Donors in upstate New York skew decidedly liberal, and may shock the political establishment tomorrow with an unexpected rally towards Sanders. Clinton's support is likely to be more concentrated in the congressional districts surrounding New York City.

But where exactly is Gotham in all this? Is it really all pro-Clinton? We mapped Clinton/Sanders support for each zip code in the City, to shine light on who these candidates' supporters might be.

Clinton's strongholds are concentrated around Midtown, Chelsea and the Financial District, while Sanders' support is concentrated around the Lower East Side, the Upper West Side, Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn.

We'll all be in suspense until results start pouring in tomorrow evening. For the time being, the question remains: does Clinton have this in the bag? Or is New York another Wisconsin in the making?

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