Following the leak of controversial video, Washington and the media have been abuzz with debate over the reproductive health organization, Planned Parenthood.

Since the surfacing of the Planned Parenthood footage, the group is under scrutiny for allegedly selling fetal tissue. Conservatives have jumped on the moment to vocalize their strong opposition to the organization — even threatening a government shutdown if the program is continued.

On Monday, Senate Republicans unsuccessfully attempted to enact legislation that would revoke funding for the non-profit. A filibuster by the Democrats prevented a vote on the bill.

In light of the debate, we thought it would be interesting to analyze data on the current members of Congress who have received the most donations from Planned Parenthood. The list is as follows:

Democrats Louise Slaughter, Norma Torres, Diana Degette, Karen Bass, Sherrod Brown, Patrick Murphy, Patty Murray, Claire McCaskill, Nita Lowey, and Barbara Boxer made the top ten list. Representative Slaughter, who came in at number 1, received as much as $50,034 from the organization.

Money talks. What do you think? To learn more about the issue, check out our post on the members of Congress who are most vocal on 'Unborn.'


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