It's well known that most Hollywood actors lean left on political issues. Can the same be said of film production studios? We analyzed employee political contributions from ten of the largest studios and found that the production companies to be just as liberal as the performers - here is the breakdown of their Crowdpac scores:

  1. Pixar: 8.6 L
  2. Amblin: 7.6 L
  3. DreamWorks: 7.3 L
  4. Warner Brothers: 6.7 L
  5. Paramount: 6.2 L
  6. 20th Century Fox: 6 L
  7. Universal: 5.8 L
  8. Walt Disney: 4.9 L
  9. Metro Goldwyn Mayer: 4.6 L
  10. Columbia Pictures: 3.5 L

American film production and distribution giants are clearly clustered on the political left. Can the same be said of American universities? Check out our analysis on higher education below.

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