It feels like the abortion debate never quite leaves the spotlight. Recently the topic was reignited following the release of the notorious Planned Parenthood videos, widely publicized by the conservative establishment. In every GOP debate, the crowd of candidates repudiated and reviled Planned Parenthood, and promised to shut down their "abortion business".

In the middle of the crossfire, it can be difficult to weed out which candidates are actually serious about their pro-life stance, and which are doing it mostly because it has become the norm in conservative discourse. So if you're a pro-life voter, who should you support? If you're pro-choice, who do you oppose?

We took a look at each GOP candidate's donors, to see how much money they've given to pro-life groups.

Rubio leads the pack with by far the most engaged pro-life donor base. Rubio donors have given $5.5M to pro-life organizations like National Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony's List. Cruz's donor base has given significantly less money to pro-life groups, despite the candidate's strong rhetoric on the issue. Also worthy of note is the fact that Trump's donors have given virtually nothing to pro-life groups, perhaps a reflection of his more moderate stance towards Planned Parenthood.

So where do you stand? Do you want to see a pro-life candidate in the White House? Or do you want make sure a pro-life candidate gets the job? Wherever you stand, this is the time to make your voice heard. By clicking on the buttons below, you can engage and participate in an election that will set America's course for a generation.

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