At Crowdpac, we're fighting the power of Big Money in politics by helping small dollar donors engage in the political process.

Our goal is simple: make grassroots fundraising easier and more successful.

We've talked with our political team, donors, and campaign creators over the last few months, and those conversations led us directly to our newest feature – monthly recurring donations!

We're giving donors the ability to automatically donate to their favorite campaigns every month—all without any additional hassle. 

How it works:

- When a supporter donates, they'll now see an option to "Make this a monthly donation"

- If they choose to make it monthly, their donation will be repeated each month

- W'ell warn the donor if we believe a monthly donation will put them over the contribution limit

Why this matters:

Not only does it make it easier for your supporters to donate, it allows you to count on monthly, automatic fundraising—it's a true win-win. In fact, Network for Good found that monthly donors give an average of 42% more in one year than one-time givers.

Monthly donations are now live for campaigns featuring single organizations and declared candidates who have already been raising money on Crowdpac. If that's not you and you want this feature enabled, shoot me an email at

Want to create a new campaign to test out this feature? It only takes 5 minutes—click here to get started.

Product Manager of Campaigns

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