Today, as Pope Francis commands an audience of the nation's top leaders in Washington DC, most are focusing on his message of love, peace and humility.

But in Washington, where people worship power, words will only get you so far. So here at Crowdpac, we couldn't think of any better way to mark this historic papal visit to DC than by analyzing the political donations of religious leaders across the country - including those from within the catholic church.

We queried our own unique database of every political contribution since 1980 to map various religious positions within communities of faith along a political spectrum. The results were surprising - although many associate religion in politics with social and evangelical conservative causes, the truth is that most faith leaders (especially within the catholic church) skew decidedly liberal based on donation history.

It may come as no surprise that of all faith-based occupations, catholic nuns registered the most liberal with a score of 10+L - after all, this group was a prominent force in the passage and legal defense of the Affordable Care Act . Priests however register a more moderate (but still liberal) score of 5.2 L - a space similarly occupied by the likes of Vice President Joe Biden, a proud and outspoken catholic.

"Youth Pastors" and "Preachers" with moderate conservative scores of 2C and 1.5C respectively rank among the most conservative of religious professions.

In addition to that, can you guess who in Congress say 'Jesus' the most?


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