Last week, the Democratic National Convention came to a close with Hillary Clinton formally accepting the party's nomination for President. While everything did eventually end in smiles and balloons, it certainly wasn't a smooth ride. On the first day, a cadre of Sanders supporters in the audience - aptly named 'Bernie or Bust' - booed every mention of Clinton's name, and vowed not to support her.

They represent a small, but potentially crucial, segment of Sanders supporters who could possibly back Donald Trump or throw their support to a third party. Recent DNC emails, which seemed to suggest an institutional bias for Hillary Clinton's campaign, leaked just before the DNC and fired up this segment even further. They booed former DNC chair Debbie W. Schultz and forced her to resign, and vocally opposed Clinton on her big night.

So are these supporters actually switching over? And if so, who are they choosing: Trump or Green Party candidate Jill Stein?

Trump and Stein were reasonably neck-and-neck in the race for Bernie donors. That is, until May of this year when Stein saw a small surge of support from Sanders supporters, suggesting that she could possibly be a milder alternative for Hillary-hating progressives. But in June, everything changed. Trump showed the biggest spike yet, receiving donations from over 100 former Sanders supporters in a single week.

As we approach November 4th, anti-establishment voters, such as those in the Bernie or Bust movement, will be a key demographic in determining who takes the oath on January 20th. If the trend continues and they keep flocking to Trump, Clinton will have her work cut out for her.

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