With the final votes cast in the 2016 presidential primary, all eyes are on Bernie Sanders' next steps. Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton met privately on Tuesday night to discuss how best to unify progressives in order to defeat Donald Trump, but it remains to be seen whether or not he will formally endorse Clinton before the DNC Convention. So, if Sanders does drop out, what’s next for his supporters?

One of the key ways Sanders' army of political "outsiders" can keep the movement alive is by pressuring Hillary Clinton to select a vice presidential candidate who represents their values. A VP who will fight the influence of big money, keep a close eye on Wall Street, and oppose military action abroad, to name a few of Bernie’s key policy stances.

So what are the possible choices? Here's a look at some of the most talked-about potential Democratic VP picks:

So which of these will carry on Bernie's message? To find out, we looked at which of these candidates have the most donors in common with Sanders. The more donors a candidate has in common with Bernie, the higher the chances they are ideologically similar. So, if you’re still feeling the Bern, here are five VP candidates you should be paying attention to:


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