Following the news of Justice Antonin Scalia's passing, Washington has dived into a heated debate over the nomination of his replacement. Mitch McConnell was quick to speak out against the nomination of a Justice in an election year, citing historical precedents. President Obama was also quick to respond, informing that he intends to nominate someone in the coming weeks, also citing historical precedents.

So who are Obama's potential choices and where do they stand politically? We analyzed the political contributions of some of the most talked about names to find out. As it turns out, all but one of those being mentioned are to the left of Clinton, ideologically:

The running favorite, Sri Srinivasan, has a score of 7.4L, right in between Clinton and Sanders. So does the rest of the pack, with the exception of NJ Senator Cory Booker, with a more moderate score of 5.2L.

Whoever Obama decides to nominate, his end goal seems clear: a progressive Court is in his to-do list before leaving Washington. Something that will only be possible if his nominee gets a confirmation vote in the United States Senate.

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