Senator Bernie Sanders has been in the game a while...a long while. And as he announces his campaign for President, here are seven suprising facts you may not know:

1) Sanders receives over 60% of his campaign contributions from small dollar donors compared with Hillary Clinton who receives less than 10% from that segment.

2) Sanders’ Crowdpac score of 8.3L is nearly IDENTICAL to Senator Elizabeth Warren, an 8.2L.

3) Bernie Sanders' celebrity twin based on an analysis of political campaign contributions is Steve Buscemi with an 8.3L Crowdpac score.

4) Bernie Sanders is famous for saying things that others won't. Here is a word cloud, based on Congressional floor records, of the top words and phrases that Bernie Sanders commonly says in the Senate that are rarely ever spoken by his colleagues (the bigger the word, the bigger the frequency gap).

5) Bernie Sanders is more liberal than Hillary Clinton on 14 out of 15 major issues, with an average score gap of 2.1. Top issues on which Senator Sanders is more liberal include “Banking” and “Defense and Foreign Policy”.

6) Senator Bernie Sanders is the second most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, second only to Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin.

7) Senator Bernie Sanders is among the top 3 most liberal senators on 8 of 15 major issues, and the most liberal of all members on the issue of healthcare.

As Senator Sanders runs for President, how does he compare to the rest of the presidential field? Who gives him money? Who is closest or furthest from him on issues you care about? Find out that and more in our exclusive guide to the 2016 presidential elections.

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