When most of us hop in our cars, most of us are simply interested in getting from point A to point B - not whether or not our vehicles are liberal or conservative. But it turns out that even car companies have political preferences, or more specifically Corporate PACs that give generously to political candidates and organizations.

We scored the political leanings of major car companies based on PAC contribution history since 1980, and found most to be fairly moderate and equally supportive of both liberal and conservative candidates. Toyota however reported a much more conservative score of 4 C - close to that of likely Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, a 4.2 C.

What are the politics of your Prius, Pontiac or P.T. Cruiser? See below:

It's clear that powerful industries in America, such as the auto makers above, exert significant influence over Congress. What about other sectors? Where does the oil industry stand politically?

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