Tonight, President Obama will give his eighth (and final) State of the Union address before a Congress that has grown increasingly partisan and ideological during his Presidency.

And while there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that Congress has become more dysfunctional and divided over the years, it turns out the data also confirms this to be true.

We plotted out the average Crowdpac score for Republican and Democrat members of the House and Senate over time - the results reveal that Congress has grown 63% more polarized since 1980!

Scores take into account voting records as well as campaign contribution data. And while Republicans have taken much of the blame in the media for their united opposition to the President's agenda, the data shows that both parties are to blame for the increasing ideological divide in our Government's legislative branch.

But not every member of Congress is a conservative or liberal stalwart. Take for instance Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia with a Crowdpac score of 1.6 L, or Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois with a relatively "squishy" score of 3.3 C. You can find the highly partisan and middle-of-the-road Members by clicking the button below.


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