For years, a larger percentage of female voters have turned out to vote relative to men. In 2012, for example, women made up 53 percent of voter turnout. However, when it comes to political donations, less than 33% of donors since 1980 are women.

Here at Crowdpac, we thought it would be interesting to find out which states have the highest percentage of female donors. These numbers take into account donation counts to both PACs and committees, from 1980 to today. Check-out the breakdown below:

According to the breakdown, Montana boasts the highest percentage of female contributors, at 40.1%. Wisconsin and Vermont come in a close second and third with women making up 40.0% and 39.3% of the respective states' donors. Last on the list is Mississippi, where women account for only 24.3% of the contributors.

But what about amounts? What share of the total money has come from women? The figures are even more staggering: overall, less than 26% of the total amount of money donated by individuals since 1980 has come from women. Connecticut comes first in terms of women's share of total donations at 37%, and Mississippi comes last, with only 17% of campaign money coming from women.

In a time where political inclusion and participation are increasingly in the spotlight, these figures point out the urgent need for a more participatory campaign finance system.

You can take action and support women candidates who are fighting to increase women's influence in politics by donating to them via the links below. You can also create your own slate of candidates and share with your network to fundraise on their behalf.

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