This November, there are many important races on the ballot - and one in particular that's getting all the attention. But the truth is, when you vote for a candidate (or donate to their campaign), you can't be sure you will get what you voted for. Politicians make all sorts of promises before an election, but after the election, often for perfectly good reasons, the outcomes are less clear.

Ballot measures, on the other hand, are direct democracy. If a ballot measure passes, it will happen. If it doesn't, it won't happen. So if you really want to make a difference on the issues you care about, the most effective thing you can do this November is to get involved in campaigns for or against ballot measures.

Over 150 statewide ballot measures will be voted on this November, and the big donors and special interests are putting millions of dollars into the campaigns. These political insiders have expensive consultants and advisors who tell them where to direct their donations to get the outcomes they want. At Crowdpac, we don't think your network or net worth should determine your political power. So we've created slates to help you make a direct difference on the issues you care about. Donating to them is the most effective political action you can take this November.

Other Key Ballot Measures

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