After the President’s and Vice President’s endorsement, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s might be the most sought-after in the campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. She’s so popular that liberal Democrats tried to draft her to run for President before Sanders even declared. So why is she waiting? It’s not an easy choice for Senator Warren: every Democratic woman senator has endorsed Clinton, but Warren’s Crowdpac ideological score is almost identical to Bernie Sanders. Because Warren will run for reelection eventually, she might consider who her current supporters are backing in 2016 to help her decide.

Crowdpac looked at where Warren supporters have donated in 2016. While Clinton has raised 5 times more money from Warren donors and her average donation size is 34 times that of Sanders, Sanders has 7 times more donations from Warren supporters. About 250 Warren supporters have donated to Republican candidates.

George Soros, Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, and director Steven Spielberg—all Warren supporters—have donated $1,000,000 apiece to the Clinton PAC. Bernie has raised 1/5 of Hillary’s total from Warren supporters, but from 20,000 more Warren supporters.

What does this mean for Senator Warren’s endorsement? No matter which candidate she chooses, Warren risks alienating some of her own supporters. Warren needs the rich donors who support Clinton, but she also needs the progressive voters who support Sanders. Warren might wait until there is no longer a choice to make.

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