As Donald Trump steamrolls his GOP rivals in primary contests across the country, a new civil war is brewing within the GOP between his supporters and those who say simply, #NeverTrump.

And as candidates have fallen by the wayside, their supporters have been forced to choose between falling in line behind the Republican frontrunner or throwing their weight behind one of the remaining anti-Trump choices - a field reduced to two candidates in Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Our latest analysis of campaign contribution data reveals that Ted Cruz has soaked up more donors from GOPs dropouts than any other candidate in the race. Of donors who gave to multiple campaigns, Ted Cruz shares about 50% or more in common with these candidates:

  • 67% of Paul donors (179 total)
  • 64.4% of Carson donors (858 total)
  • 58% of Perry donors (62 total)
  • 57% of Huckabee donors (49 total)
  • 47% of Walker donors (322 total)
  • 47% of Jindal donors (30 total)

You can see the full breakdown of dropout candidates here:

Dropouts 2016 election candidates



Which of these candidates would you support?

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