This years' presidential debates have shattered all previous records for viewership and served as key make-it-or-break-it moments for many of the candidates.

Whether it's Carly Fiorina's dramatic rise in the polls following two impressive debate performances or Scott Walker's precipitous collapse after failing to stand out in the spotlight, each candidate has succeeded or flopped, to varying degrees, in seizing these major inflection points.

While poll numbers provide the most immediate glimpse into the political effect of these debates, fundraising numbers also reveal the ability of each candidate to generate momentum and capitalize on the excitement. To illustrate this, we analyzed the campaign contribution data of presidential candidates in the days and weeks before and after each debate. It's no surprise that candidates who perform well on on the debate stage also perform well on the "donate stage".

Carly Fiorina, who is widely believed to have won the previous two GOP debates raised tens of thousands of dollars in the moments following each event. Marco Rubio has performed similarly well, recruiting thousands of new donors online thanks to his own polished performances.

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