There are a host of topics one should avoid bringing up during Thanksgiving dinner - not the least of which is politics.

But here at Crowdpac, we just can’t help ourselves. When we look at a Thanksgiving feast, we can’t help but see a culinary array of political agendas and a schmorgesborg of special interests.

Take the turkey for instance - poultry farmers are major players in politics and lobbying. Over the years some of the largest producers such as Tyson, Kraft and Foster Farms have spent millions of dollars on campaigns and elections and employed hundreds of lobbyists to influence policy.

And whether it’s Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, produced in deep blue Santa Cruz County, or Idaho potatoes grown by conservative farmers in the reddest of states, you can rest assured that your food never escapes a political perspective from the time it leaves the packaging facility to the moment it’s exposed to your uncle’s latest theories about Benghazi over a second glass of wine.

So to mark this glorious day, we’ve set out your favorite Thanksgiving delicacies along an ideological spectrum based on political donor employer and occupation data. Because in America, you can politicize anything. And that’s something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from Crowdpac - your political machine!

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