Why won't Trump disclose his IRS information? That question has been posed to the Donald on several occasions, and his most recent response is that he is unable to disclose that information while under federal audit. The IRS issued a statement maintaining that "nothing prevents individuals from disclosing their tax information."

Former Governor Mitt Romney has suggested that “there's a bombshell" in Trump's tax filings. Ted Cruz has also raised the possibility that “it could be donations to liberal groups like Planned Parenthood."

When questioned about donations to Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump replied saying “I don’t know. I don’t think so. But it’s possible.” Well, we can help refresh his memory.

We took a look at the entire history of Donald Trump's political donations going back as far as 1980, and found no record of any Trump donation to Planned Parenthood's Political Action Committees. Meaning that if Trump has ever contributed to Planned Parenthood, those donations would in fact be found in tax returns from previous years as Mitt Romney suggests.

We've listed below all publicly available records of Donald Trump's political donations, to allow our readers to reach their own conclusions about the GOP frontrunner's political views. While the dataset is relatively long, a few recipients of Trump donations certainly stand out: $10,800 to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign, approximately $9,000 to Democratic stalwarts Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, along with donations to Jimmy Carter, Patrick Leahy, Charles Rangel, Al Gore, and Joe Biden.

Another high-profile liberal recipient of Trump dollars is the Clinton Foundation, but these donations were made by the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Here at Crowdpac, we focus on money in politics - our data includes political contributions reported to the FEC and state and local regulatory authorities; charitable contributions are therefore not part of this dataset.

Donald Trump's political donations record is certainly telling of how far he has shifted ideologically over the years, as we've demonstrated in this chart.

The data also shows significant donations to Republicans, from Ronald Reagan to Mitt Romney. Also worthy of note is that, despite his relentless antagonism towards the Bush dynasty, Trump has given to all three Bushes at different points in time. Conservative powerhouses such as Jeff Sessions (S-AL) and Steve King (IA-4) also stand out.

On the Crowdpac ideological mapping system, the average of the liberal candidates receiving money from Trump is a 4.5L (10L is the most liberal, 10C is the most conservative). The average of conservative recipients of Trump's donations is a 4.7C, showing that at least ideologically, his recipients are well balanced. However, Trump has given twice as much to conservatives ($2.1M) as he has to liberals ($1.1M).

You can search Donald Trump's donation history below. For a specific politician or organization press COMMAND + F on your keyboard and type in their name.

(figures reflect all-time contribution totals to each recipient.)

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