A resistance to oppose the administration of Donald J. Trump is already forming.

While some progressives are still coming to terms with November 8th's historic upset, groups across the country are quickly mobilizing to oppose key policy priorities laid out by Trump - from a Muslim registry, to a gargantuan wall along the southern border, to a host of other proposals that some fear could threaten civil liberties.

Some of these battles will be waged in courts over the appropriate uses of executive action. Others will be fought in the halls of congress over presidential appointments and legislation. Nearly all of them will see activists take to the streets and raise awareness of the sweeping changes we may see implemented across the entire federal government under a Trump administration.

If you want to join the fight to oppose Trump’s agenda, here are 3 concrete ways that you can make an impact:

1) Support civil liberties, women's rights and minority rights organizations that will oppose the Trump agenda. Whether it’s in the courtroom or on the street, these groups are on the front line in the fight uphold the rights of minorities, immigrants and women. They are also the most vulnerable to retaliation in an anti-inclusion environment. By supporting them, you will be empowering the spearhead of opposition to Trump’s policies.


2) Pressure GOP Senators to vote against the nomination of appointees who are unfit to serve.

As you probably know, the GOP has maintained control of both chambers in Congress. In the Senate, Republicans currently have a 52-48 majority, and the minimum they must obtain to approve one of Trump's cabinet appointments is 50 votes. That means if only 3 GOP Senators defect and vote against a cabinet appointment, that nominee will not make it through. It’s is a more realistic possibility than some would think, since several GOP Senators have gone on the record to oppose Trump's proposals. We've compiled a list of them below. You can pledge to support their opponents if they vote to approve unfit cabinet appointees - it's a way to send them a clear signal of what you expect of them.


3) Run for office or nominate someone you think would represent your views well

There's no better way to impact our democracy than taking an active role in it, and running for office is the biggest step you can take.

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