Over the course of this campaign cycle, often has one come across with the general assertion that Trump is not popular among women. Pundits frequently mention that winning over the female vote should be one of the key objectives of Trump's campaign. Failing to do so may have dire consequences, ultimately resulting in the unraveling of the entire campaign.

So how bad is it? Does the GOP frontrunner in fact struggle with women? We decided to take a look at campaign finance data to find out. With increasing data points - as the Trump campaign reports more and more donations - the percentage of women donors to his campaign takes a visible drop, from as high as 40%, to under 24%.

But is 24% a bad figure in the overall scheme of things? How are other candidates doing this cycle? Here's a quick comparison.

Yes, 24% is bad. On average, 58.9% of Clinton donors are women, as are 41.3% of Sanders donors. Even his nemesis Ted Cruz is doing better, with 33.9% female donors. If Trump does get the nomination, it seems like he'll have a very uphill battle in trying to wrangle women away from his general election opponent, especially if that turns out to be Clinton.

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