One of the biggest narratives surrounding Donald Trump's primary campaign was his relatively poor performance among women voters. While it is known that the GOP primaries are largely dominated by male voters, Trump's disapproval numbers among women were so dismal that it was often cited as as one of his key liabilities in a general election matchup with Hillary Clinton. Planned Parenthood's President Cecile Richards' went so far as to say that "women are going to be the reason [Trump] is not elected", in her speech to the DNC Convention.

So how bad is it? Not as bad as you'd think, it turns out. After the Trump campaign's big campaign finance haul in June and July, we've gotten the first real glimpse at who his donors really are. The massive data disclosure revealed that Trump is actually doing better with women than was previously thought, at least when it comes to political donors.

In May of 2015, only 27.4% of Trump's donors were women. Keeping in mind that at that point in the race, the Trump campaign was not making a real push to solicit donations, the takeaway seems to be that it was mostly male supporters who aligned with Trump enough to go out of their way to donate to his campaign without being asked. But as the GOP nominee's campaign built its infrastructure, that percentage climbed to 39.6%, surpassing the average percentage of female donors for GOP Presidential candidates and super PACs this cycle: 36.5%.

It is clear that women will likely side with Clinton this cycle overwhelmingly. The Democratic nominee has boasted over 60% women donors since last year - an historic first for a presidential candidate. But this data shows that Trump cannot be underestimated even with groups that have vocally opposed him. While many write off his chances among female, black and hispanic voters, his massive fundraising haul is a reminder that his support no longer consists strictly of blue collar white males. His base has broadened, his campaign has recovered after an atrocious few weeks in August, and most polls now put him only 4 to 8 percentage points behind Clinton. At this point, nothing is won, and nothing is lost. Democrats would do right to keep that in mind.

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