Digital communication has upended the modern media environment and transformed the way news travels. Social media platforms like Twitter have become the primary tool used by journalists and pundits to consume and share news - curating re-tweets from the people they follow and posting hot-takes on current events. As Fox News pundit, and former Bush White House Communications Director Dana Perino, put it "Twitter is the new spin room".

There's no doubt these new ways of communicating have held mainstream media outlets accountable for bias and misinformation and allowed alternative views an opportunity to surface. Newsfeeds however carry their own natural biases, based on the accounts each user follows.

That's why Crowdpac analyzed millions of twitter accounts, and applied the same algorithm we use to calculate objective scores for candidates and their donors, to help us assess the newsfeed bias of twitter handles based on the accounts they follow.

Using Crowdpac's objective data, we zeroed in on some of the country's top media pundits ahead of Sunday's second presidential debate to assess the level of spin they'll be subject to as they monitor live #Debate reaction on Twitter. Contrary to what you might think of the liberal media, most major news anchors are fairly balanced in the accounts that they follow, falling between a 0-2 in either direction. Perhaps predictably, ex-politicos like Dana Perino and Paul Begala have twitter feeds on the conservative and liberal ends of the spectrum respectively.

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