As The Donald took to the lobby on Tuesday in Trump Tower to revel in a sweeping New York victory, Ted Cruz had already moved on.

Mathematically eliminated from capturing the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first vote, Cruz was campaigning 90 miles away at the National Constitution Center in Pennsylvania, which along with Maryland is set to hold its primary on Tuesday April 26th.

And John Kasich, who has long staked his prospects on an open convention, wasn't far behind, launching a multi-day swing through various corners of the two states in a hunt for valuable delegates to boost his own bid and stop Trump from winning the nomination outright.

But campaigning in these states is complicated, with each maintaining it's own set of rules governing the delegates sent to RNC Convention.

Pennsylvania, where Trump maintains a sizable statewide lead in recent polls, only bounds 17 of its 71 delegates on the first vote at convention adding to an already complex dynamic that has candidates campaigning to win strategic congressional districts. Maryland on the other hand bounds all of its delegates on the first vote according to the winner of their respective congressional districts.

And with limited public and private polling available for each state, we turned to campaign finance data to predict the congressional districts where each candidate stands the best chance to pick up support.

Although Trump leads statewide polls in each state, there are clearly regions where each candidate is most likely to win delegates. For Cruz, its areas in southeastern Pennsylvania whereas Kasich boasts supporters in large urban centers and suburbs around Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

And what about Sanders? Clinton won her adopted home state by double digits, but Sanders has insisted he still has a path to the nomination and is campaigning fiercely for delegates in both states. We've indicated the congressional districts where Sanders has out-performed Clinton according to fundraising data:

And if you're a voter in Baltimore or Philadelphia, Crowdpac has revamped our data-driven voter guide to help you navigate the waters in the race for President as well as all down-ballot races. Click on the links below to get started with your ballot!

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