The impact of Silicon Valley's money on politics is the subject of heated debate. The technology hub, often associated with liberal ideologies, is the subject of both awe and criticism, as it uses more and more of its financial power to influence political outcomes that affect the entire country.

So how big of an impact has Silicon Valley had in the 2016 presidential elections so far? Actually not quite as big as one might expect. The Valley has favored Bernie Sanders, giving a total of $4.6M in support of his primary bid. Clinton comes in second place with $2.6M in contributions from tech sector employees. You could consider the late campaign of Marco Rubio a Valley favorite as well, given that it received over $3M from the technology sector, even if that did come almost exclusively from controversial founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison.

So all in all, Silicon Valley seems to have bet on the wrong horses so far. What seems more relevant is the very real possibility that the entire technology sector unites behind Hillary Clinton in a potential general election bid against Donald Trump.

So who exactly are these power hitters, which might play a crucial role in tilting the scales towards Clinton, if she does secure the nomination?

And what about their occupations? Is the majority of money coming from a few high-rollers in upper management? Not really.

Software engineers are by far the most common occupation of tech donors, and collectively they have also given the largest sum, which went mostly to Democratic candidates. So at least one thing seems clear: whether you agree with their politics or not, coders care. What remains to be seen is whether their wallets will be deep enough to ensure the White House stays blue for a few more years.

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