Here at Crowdpac HQ in Silicon Valley, net neutrality ranks among the top issues of tech industry workers and executives.

This principle, which describes the equal treatment of data by governments and internet service providers, has wide-ranging effects for businesses and technology startups - ensuring that the internet remains open and non-discriminatory for new users, platforms, types of data, and businesses. Of course not everyone is keen, or agrees on, net neutrality or what it even means - namely powerful internet service providers, who provide the technical capability for data delivery and exchange, argue that Net Neutrality could actually hamper investment in infrastructure and stifle innovation.

We performed a text analysis of Congressional floor records, website and twitter data to determine the biggest champions of "Net Neutrality", and found that when it came to prioritizing this issue, Senate Democrats were way ahead of the game with Ron Wyden (D - OR), Harry Reid (D - NV), Maria Cantwell (D - WA), Al Franken (D - MN), and Ed Markey (D - OR) mentioning it the most.

Maybe it doesn't hurt that when it comes to the politics of Silicon Valley, most tech companies skew decidedly leftward in their politics and financial support.

But what about other key issues? Guess who talks about Israel the most?

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