Scott Walker, the conservative two-term governor of deep blue Wisconsin, officially announced his presidential campaign today.

At a young age Walker demonstrated a keen interest in politics - taking a high school trip to D.C. with Boys Nation (where he met Ronald Reagan), and later running for student body president at Marquette University. At the age of 26, Walker was elected to Wisconsin State Assembly where he served from 1993-2002. By 2010, the politician successfully defeated Democrat Tom Barrett for the Wisconsin gubernatorial seat.

As the 45th governor of Wisconsin, Walker made his mark with conservative budgets and free-market policies strongly opposed by unions. So much so that Walker faced a labor-funded recall campaign in 2012. The attempt was ultimately unsuccessful and Walker became the first U.S. governor to ever survive a recall. He was elected to his second term as governor in 2014.

In January of this year Walker created the political committee “Our American Revival,” in preparation of a presidential bid.

What does the data tell us about Walker? Here are five fast facts.

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