With the national party conventions coming fast down the turnpike, all eyes are on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as they select their running mates. Many are proclaiming Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey as a top choice for Clinton, largely due to his popularity, youth, and reputation for direct interaction with his constituents, dating back to when he served as Mayor of Newark. Booker could be the "fresh face" that helps Clinton win over younger voters, a group she struggled with in the primary elections.

Cory Booker has advocated for many progressive issues over his political career, such as drug policy reform, abortion, and tenants' rights. Most recently, he stood in solidarity with Sen. Patrick Murphy during his gun control Senate filibuster in the wake of the Orlando shooting. But despite these credentials, Booker would double down on a key liability that has already plagued Clinton among progressive Bernie Sanders supporters - much like Clinton, Booker is a Wall Street favorite.

Of the Democratic politicians thought to be under consideration for the VP slot, Cory Booker has received the largest percentage of his donations from Wall Street. According to Crowdpac's database of all campaign contributions since 1980, 12.4% of Booker's incoming campaign donations have been from the financial sector.

Clinton has often been criticized by progressives for her proximity to Wall Street. She has received around 11% of her 2016 campaign donations from the finance sector, which is about as much as Booker's 12.4% since he began campaigning for the U.S. Senate. As the left clamors for Clinton to release the transcripts to her Goldman Sachs speeches, selecting Cory Booker, who has also benefited from the pockets of Wall Street, could worsen her position with liberals and hinder her ability to unify the Democratic Party and bring Sanders supporters into the fold.

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Header image courtesy of TechCrunch.

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