The Washington Post's Associate Editor Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) recently revealed that as many as 20 reporters had been assigned to investigate every phase of Trump's life. The Donald has fired back, suggesting that Washington Post owner and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a "huge" anti-trust problem, and is using the legacy media giant to exert political influence and avoid taxation.

Fox News has eagerly stepped into the debate, led by Bill O'Reilly. On his show last night, O'Reilly described the Washington Post's editorial page chief as an 'uber-leftist'. Well, we checked the politics of the Washington Post editorial team - turns out the Fox News stalwart is pretty much on the money.

While the Washington Post overall scores a relatively mild 5.7L -slightly to the right of Hillary Clinton - the editorial staff are all the way over to the left - 8.1L, almost the same as Bernie Sanders.

Which of these candidates would you endorse as the next President?

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