In the first GOP Presidential Debate, Donald Trump claimed (among many things) that Hillary Clinton had "no choice" but to attend his third wedding following numerous contributions to her campaign and the Clinton Foundation.

This of course begs the question: exactly how many weddings would Clinton need to attend per day in order to account for all of her campaign donations of a similar size? We analyzed the data to find out.

According to FEC records, 8,030 donors matched or exceeded Trump's donation of $5100 to Clinton's previous campaigns for Senate and President. Could it be that it costs roughly the same to have the Clintons at your wedding as it does to hire a decent photographer?

Here's the math: there are currently 455 days remaining until the general election on November 8, 2016. If Hillary was truly beholden to all these donors, and made an effort to attend the weddings and family celebrations of these supporters, she would be a guest at 17.6 weddings per day.

That's a lot of Michael Bublé! For your sake, Mrs. Clinton, we hope they all have open bars.

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