The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is known for being a bipartisan affair, where stars from Hollywood and Washington unite to toast, and roast, D.C.’s establishment. Over the years, a long list of top-tier comedians have played host to the dinner, delivering some memorable keynotes poking fun at the Commander in Chief, no matter if they are Republican or Democrat.

But just how liberal or conservative are the hosts themselves?

To answer this question, Crowdpac’s data experts analyzed the political contribution history of White House Correspondents’ Dinner hosts for the past 20 years. We found that when it comes to the politics of the presenters, the make-up isn’t nearly as bipartisan, with hosts skewing overwhelmingly liberal. SNL comedian Cecily Strong, who is slated to host 2015’s Dinner, is the latest in this tradition boasting a 9.3L Crowdpac score.

You can see her score, along with others’, on the chart below.

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